In the GreenLife hotels and resorts you will find the balance between caring for nature and paying attention to guests and their comfort.

Whether you are intoxicated by the freshness of the mountains or captivated by the vastness of the sea, the choice is yours. It's time for a dream vacation with loved ones.

About us

The hotels and resorts are part of the group of Green Life Development & Resorts - an investment company with more than 20 years of history. In its portfolio, in addition to travel services and hotel management, a key place is occupied by the construction and sale of holiday apartments and houses.

Green Life Development & Resorts adheres to the concept of ecological construction, and environmental protection is its main value. The group's strategy is related to long-term planning, and its experience allows it to find the ideal balance between the interests of business, the client and nature.

If you enjoy the experience in our hotels and resorts, please see how you can buy your own holiday apartment or house