Scout camp for children 2024


Day 1- Start of a scout adventure

Welcoming and forming detachments - uniforms, statutes, scout oath, receiving a badge and rank.

Day 2- Nature in colors

First steps in mountain orienteering and carefree moments of the adventure rope park.

They will tell us more about plants and animals by visiting the Info Center at Pirin National Park to learn more about plants and animals.

Day 3- Scout palette of emotions

Ready for emotions - hiking in the mountains and fun activities with mom and dad.

Day 4- Our camp

Scout tent camp.

Preparation of the terrain and fun moments around the campfire, visit to the horse base. Overnight in the camp.

Day 5- Healthy in the mountains

The scout - a good friend of nature.

Walk on eco trails and collection of materials from nature to create an ART project.

An invitation to mom and dad for a cool evening of outdoor talent.

920 BGN

Price includes

The indicated rates are for 5 nights, per unit, in Bulgarian levs and include:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner for all guests, daily
Afternoon breakfast for children every day
All-day animation for children
Free use of the Relax zone/ indoor pool, aroma and Finnish sauna, steam bath, tepidarium and relaxation area /
Free use of outdoor pool and sun loungers
Children's corner
WiFi internet
VAT and resort tax

The camp starts every week from 23 June to 30 August 2024 and is suitable for children aged 6 to 14 years.

Early bookings  – 5% discount until 15.05.2024;

Discount for all repeating guests – 10%;

Additional discount - 10%, which can only be combined with the early bird discount for start dates 23th June and 25th August.


Scout camp 2024

Starting date:

23rd June; 30th June;

6th July; 25th August;



Starting date:

14th July; 21st July;

28th July;

4th August;

11th August;

18th August





One adult with one child up to 14 years old

920 BGN

1070 BGN

Two adults with one child up to 14 years old

1400 BGN

1620 BGN

Two adults with two children up to 14 years old.

1800 BGN

1980 BGN

Second/third child up to 14 years old

440 BGN

510 BGN

Third adult

475 BGN

550 BGN

Two adults

990 BGN

1145 BGN





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